Advantages Of Using Continuous Ink Systems

The best way to save money is to decrease the amount of cash you spend on ink cartridges. If a person prints a lot, the total bill can go up to thousands of dollars a year. A great way to save on hard-earned money is by Continuous Ink Flow System.

Continuous ink flow systems are known by several names, for example, CISS, CIS, or continuous ink systems. No matter what the name, they all function the same way. These systems possess a barometric pressure design. As the front tank is vented, there is a very negative air pressure in the back. A typical level of printer ink inside the reservoirs lets smooth flow into the printer cartridges, providing steady amount of ink set to be printed out. Continuous ink flow systems began on a commercial wide format. As the market picked up, the office and home inkjet market was also benefited greatly from it. It is known to be one of the oldest technologies in the area of printing.

Rewards Of Making Use Continuous Ink System:

  • Mass refill ink is more reasonable as compared to ink cartridges. For the price of one cartridge, you can get enough ink to print five times the same amount. The CISS ink is extremely cost-effective for a user.
  • As there is absolutely no cartridge to replace, there is also no plastic waste which is left. This is extremely environmental-friendly.
  • It saves a lot of time as exchange of cartridges is not required.
  • The cost of maintenance is extremely low and the function of printing is continuous as there is no reliance on changing the cartridge.
  • It provides a good volume of prints in far lesser time.

Criteria For Inkjet Printers That Use Continuous Ink System
It is very easy to find CIS kits for inkjet printers if the following criteria are met:

  • The printer must have a completely separate cartridge for every color.
  • The print head must also be separate from the printer cartridge.
  • The printer must not make use of the most recent technology in chip design.

The cartridges from original manufacturers are extremely expensive. This usually makes the consumers look for alternate options, for example, third-party refillable cartridges or bulk ink systems. These choices are both environmental-friendly and cost-effective in cases where massive printing volumes are needed. The refilling is easy and can simply be done by anybody who has a steady hand. Several manufacturers advise the consumers to not use third-party supplied inks as they might vary in quality as compared to original manufacturers. They affirm that it impacts the quality and life of the prints as well. This is normally a scare tactic used by these manufacturers to fright consumers into buying their highly costly ink cartridges. Yet, if you choose to purchase from a third party, it’s very important that the ink they offer isn’t bad quality.

The usual operating cost in CIS is one-tenth of the normal cost. There is a huge selection of CIS kits that are available in the market.

About the Author: Andrew Yeung is the Marketing Director of ComboInk, a leading online provider of premium printer ink cartridges, including Canon cartridges and HP deskjet cartridges. By purchasing a large volume from factory, ComboInk is able to sell laser toner cartridges at steep discounts, saving small businesses thousands in operating costs each year.

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