All in One Printer Review – The HP PhotoSmart D6160

The all in one printer has started to make an appearance in many family homes in recent years; we have to wonder why this is, and just how has the all in one printer been able to take its place as the printer to have this year. The HP PhotoSmart D6160 is a type of all in one printer, and in this article we will take a look at just how this all in one printer, is a must have item of computer hardware. Many all in one printer are printers of the laser jet type, if you walk into any office or workplace in the modern world we live in, you will find a huge bulky printer in the corner of the room.

The PhotoSmart D6160 is an all in one printer of the ink jet variety, this makes it very unique. Many other brands of printer have struggled to make an efficient all in one ink jet printer, and the brands of which have been successful have been very unsuccessful in the sales front. HP has long been known to consistently produce only the very best printers and always use the latest in printing technology. This is a printer of which is very simple to use, and even the computer beginner will have no problem using the printer for the first time.

The one issue with this printer is that it does not seem to be as modern as the rest of the printer within the PhotoSmart series. Although the internal workings and components of the printer are more than capable of producing the same results as all other printers in the series, upon a first glance you can see that this is somewhat of a basic model. There is no LCD screen on the external case of the printer; this means that all selections of settings must be done using the external buttons on the printer. There is also no wireless printing option and the printer must be connected to a computer, unlike some other models of PhotoSmart printer which can use Bluetooth and wireless printing.

Despite these few minor downfalls, the printer is a dedicated image and photo printer. It is more than capable of producing fantastic results when you need those most. It is a printer that will continue to work for you, for several years, and also requires very little maintenance. PhotoSmart D6160 ink can be found all over the internet; however we recommend that you use the compatible ink cartridge, as opposed to the genuine ink cartridge. The compatible ink cartridge will produce the exact same results as the genuine types; however they only cost a fraction of the cost.