Avoid Wasting Business Hours With These Applications

Running a business is no easy task. It can take a lot of time, dedication and perhaps most importantly, organization to achieve success. With so much to do, it could be overwhelming without a little help. Check out these free apps that can help you collaborate easily with co-workers, free up some time and keep track of how you spend your time.

Collaborate Easier

Quip is a great way for teams to collaborate online by easily sharing documents and tasks to work on any project. It also provides a platform for chats and messaging in real-time so you don’t have to leave the app. It comes embedded with functional spreadsheets, but also lets you import/export any additional documents you may need. Last but not least, your Quip account (and all its information) can be accessed on any Apple device or computer.

Sign Documents On-The-Go

Sign documents, contracts, NDAs, purchase orders, invoices and so much more in three easy steps with SignEasy. Simply import the document into the app, auto sign and fill the documents and send them out or save them for later. This makes it easy to sign documents anywhere on any device.

Prioritize Your Time

It’s easy to get wrapped up in one project at work, only to realize you put off something important. Timley makes it easy to track how you spend your time at work. By logging the amount of time you spend on different projects, you will be able to analyze how effectively you are allocating your time at work. This makes it easy to plan ahead and schedule out a time-frame for these tasks in the future so you know you are staying on track.

Reach Your Employees

Being able to openly communicate with your employees, no matter where they may be, is key to business success. Applications such as GoToMeeting give you a platform to join, host, or schedule a meeting through video conferencing. You can also share and view documents and collaborate in real-time with the whiteboard and highlighter features. 

Update Your Online Presence 

Your online social presence is a vital part of your business. Regular, smart posts can increase follower volume and engagement, therefore making your brand more recognizable. To ensure you are posting regularly, use an app like Buffer to schedule posts for every social media channel in one platform.  
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