Back to School Resources & Advice for Parents

Back To School Shopping It’s about now that time now parents or grandparents are preparing kids to return to school for a fresh term. The child may be a year older but not really any wiser.  So they may be rather reluctant about going back to school. Who blames them? It’s one grade higher, new teachers, perhaps a new subject or two… there could be social, academic and emotional reasons for that reluctance. No doubt, as a parent or a grandparent you would like to help them ged rid of their anxiety. Perhaps some of these back to school pointers may help:

Meet the New Teacher

One cause for the nervousness, especially among younger kids could be the fact that a familiar, perhaps dear teacher is being replaced by someone new. Meet with the new teacher beforehand if possible, so your child becomes a little familiar with them and feels reassured.

Give It a Buildup

Perhaps your child will start new activities or subjects in this new session of school. Explain that this could be a good thing. Also explain the social benefits of being in a higher class in school. Remind your child about all the things they enjoyed doing in school and can again when school reopens.

Discuss Difficulties

Is the prospect of algebra making your kid nervous? Will he or she be introduced to a new language this year? Have they been told by an older friend that there are going to be specific new challenges this year? Gently probe into the cause of your child’s nervousness and discuss possible ways to tackle possible academic difficulties such as extra classes and so on.

Chalk our Healthy Lunch Ideas

Discuss food choices with your child. Be sure to listen to their inputs and try to work out meal plans that appeal to their taste buds and also allay your concern for healthy nutrition.

Reconnect With Classmates

Before school actually starts, reconnect with class mates. Work out possibilities such as studying together, or participating in a sport together. Having a buddy to do things with in school can be a great support for your kid.

Help your Child Adjust to a New School

If your child is going back to the same school, it is relatively easier to adjust to the back to school routine. But going to a new school, particularly in a new city can be rather traumatic for a child. Help your child adjust to a new school by explaining the situation, discussing issues with them and reassuring your child that you’re always there for them, no matter what.

Get Back Into the Routine

The holidays were probably great fun when your child got to bed late, woke up late, watched a lot of TV and had few restrictions on their video games time. A few days before school starts, start getting back to a school schedule. Enforce bed times and wakeup times, limit TV and other electronics, check what school supplies require replenishing and ensure that there are no last minute panics.

Some Back to School Shopping

Ensure that your child is equipped with back to school supplies such as backpack, stationery, books and other stuff. Do they have enough clothes? If there is a uniform, do the uniforms and shoes still fit? Remember kids outgrow things astonishingly fast. Check out back to school sales at online stores that offer discounts on everything from stationery to electronics. Some of the stores that have special back to school discounts and offers are: Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Walmart, Target, Walgreens.  Be sure to check out the office supplies sales as well. If you have to buy new gadgets such as a laptop or a tablet, ensure that you compare prices at various websites to find the best deals.

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