Creative Ways to Use Your Printer for Father’s Day

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There are those who believe that if someone is special to us, they should be special to us all the year round and not just for one day of the year. While that may be true, it is still a good idea to make an extra effort to demonstrate what your relationship with your father or grandfather means to you on Father’s Day. The third Sunday of every June – June 21 this year is the day you can decide to devote to dad. We put a little thought into what you can do for Father’s Day; into the kind of activities, grandpa gifts, fun crafts for dad and printables that will help make this day special.

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Your dad probably has his favorite food, or drink; hobby or sport based on which you can get him some great gifts such as –

  • A bottle of his favorite tipple along with a couple of cool glasses so you can bond over a drink
  • A tool system, a tool kit or even one of those nifty Vitorinox knives with the many built in tools. Ideal for the DIY dad who loves to fix stuff around the house!
  • A set of garden tools, some exotic plants, or some quality organic fertilizer / herbicide for the gardener dad.
  • A hamper of his favorite sweet or savory treats (you may want to keep any diet restrictions in mind for this though)
  • Portable briefcase barbecue grill – for all those picnics you promised you would take together but didn’t get around to organizing
  • Some nice travel gear or smart suitcases – perhaps this can be your subtle hint to dad that he should visit more often?
  • A travel poker set which he can use with his buddies. Or perhaps you can schedule weekly games with him?
  • If he is into golfing you could get him a new set of clubs, a pair of golf shoes, a hat or a golf shirt.
  • A father-son/father-daughter holiday – a weekend getaway for the family or just for the two of you. Ensure that you pick a destination or activity that you know he’ll enjoy; a surefire hit!
  • A bar kit – this one is for dads who enjoy entertaining and whipping up exotic drinks – one more reason to bond over a mellow evening over a couple of drinks!
  • A new phone. Some dads are resistant to technology, but that’s only until they get to know their new gizmo better. Once he discovers what his new gadget can do, he’ll be watsapping you at all hours and sending you FB pokes!

Printable gifts for Father’s Day

  • A photo collage of all the special photos of you and your father. It could be a kind of timeline from the time when he was dandling you on his knee to all your special moments together, to the present time.
  • A then and now photo frame or poster – you and your dad then; when you were just a little baby and you and your dad today. A lovely contrast picture full of nostalgia and happy memories that is sure to moisten a few eyes!
  • A DIY t-shirt featuring a clever father quote or simply one that says “Superman DAD!”
  • Traditional father’s day greeting that you can print at home
  •  Father’s Day coupons – good for a day with dad, chores around the house, a home cooked meal, a special cake and so on


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Gift wraps, tags and more

Now that you got the gift part sorted, you can add some personal touches such as these:

  • Home-printed gift wrap featuring a “few of your favorite things”
  • Home printed gift tags specially for father’s day: something like “Dad you’re the bomb!” with a happy stick of dynamite
  • Gift tags or cake toppers in the shape of a bow tie or a regular tie with a Happy Father’s day caption or something cure such as “Tie-riffic Dad!”

You will find some more ideas for gift wraps and greetings for Father’s Day in our post Eco Friendly Gift Wrap and Greetings. If you have more Father’s Day gift or printable ideas, do share these with us too!

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