DIY Paper Projects: 5 Fun Ideas for Paper Crafts

DIY Birdhouse

Did you know that something as simple as paper could be transformed into a sophisticated-looking lampshade? DIY paper projects range from seemingly simple origami to elaborate birdhouses. You only need high-quality paper (usually a heavy stock) and some patience. These five ideas are fairly uncomplicated, and the results are delightful.

DIY Lampshade


Buy a paper lantern, whatever size you want. To create a feather lampshade, cut out a feather pattern from paper and cut the sides to resemble feathers. You then affix the feathers to the lantern beginning at the bottom and working your way up. Another idea is to use circles cut from tissue paper. Perform the same process as the feathered lampshade: start taping the circles from the bottom to the top. An origami lampshade design does not require scissors or a paper lantern. It is actually quite easy to make once you get the knack of folding paper.

DIY Cups


For these cute teacups, you need heavyweight A4 card stock, cutting tool (plotter cutter, X-Acto knife, or scissors), and adhesive (glue or tape). After cutting the paper and assembling the cup, you can paint the teacups or add stickers as a decoration. Use them for cupcake holders or small gift boxes.

DIY Flowers


There are so many gorgeous paper flower designs. These dahlias and roses call for a little effort, but they are worth it. The flowers can be a pretty decoration or homemade gift. This carambola flower is only made from a single sheet of paper! All you have to do is cut a pentagon shape from a square piece of thick paper and then follow the instructions for folding. You can find other beautiful flower design tutorials on YouTube.

DIY Kite


This basic kite design from Martha Stewart is a breeze to make. Gather decorative paper, a dowel, twine, glue, and crepe paper, and you’re ready to begin. You can also use plain paper and decorate the kite yourself with paint or markers.

DIY Birdhouses


Building a paper birdhouse sounds complicated, but you just need a template for the nesting box. Once you cut the template from heavy paper or cardboard, you can start with the ornamental elements, such as painting.

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