DIY T-Shirt Designs for Valentine’s Day – WHAT Valentine’s Day?

We at ComboInk have always been coming up with some great DIY printing ideas. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we suggest that you celebrate it not with mushy hearts and schmaltzy flowers but by sending out a more unique message to all the bleeding hearts out there.

Valentine's Day T-shirt DesignIs there really a reason why we cannot buy those chocolates and flowers for ourselves? Heck we can get ourselves what we really like rather than waiting around to see what romantic gift he or she decides to get us – as Mae West memorably said, “We’re single because we were born that way!”

So here’s the chance to cock a snook at all the bleeding hearts out there by using our unique DIY t-shirt designs with the anti Valentine’s Day slogan.

This is what you will need:

  • An inkjet printer that has adequate ink in the cartridge
  • Transfer Papers
  • Blade or craft knife
  • Parchment paper
  • Tee of choice
  • An iron

Before you even click on the PDF link below to view the t-shirt designs, be sure to get good quality t-shirt transfer papers. You will likely find these at your local Wal-Mart, Michael’s or a hobby and crafts type of store. Also, pick a good quality t-shirt – both of these are important if you want reasonably good results with your DIY T-shirt design. And remember to get the right type of transfers for the color of the t-shirt you’re going to use.

    Valentine's Day T-shirt Design

  • Click on the PDF link below to open up our special anti-Valentine’s Day design. Print out the design on to your t shirt transfers. Now you need to let this dry and set properly. Half an hour is usually enough.
  • Now cut along the outline of the design.
  • Peel off the covering from the transfer (like you would with a sticker). Now comes the tricky part:
  • Heat up your iron to the highest setting
  • Then place the design cutout on the tee (be sure you place it properly – not too high, not to low and not askew)
  • Now place the parchment paper on top and iron all this together – concentrate on the edges of the design. Take the parchment off
  • Wait for half an hour and then repeat the ironing process

Now if you like how your t-shirt turned out, don’t thank us – or do actually, we’d like to hear what you think in the comments below.

Remember to wash the tee in cold water only, on a gentle cycle, and inside out. This way your t-shirt transfer will stay on longer and look better. Subscribe to our mailing list and join our Facebook page to see what else we have coming up in terms of DIY projects, discount offers and events.

Download t-shirt designs here:
Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day
Broken Heart

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