Experience Easy, Stress-Free Shopping at the New ComboInk

Your manager requested a report on her desk by end of the day, your colleagues are asking you to order more ink cartridges for the office printer, and your kids need to be picked up from daycare in a half hour. If your day is anything like this, we understand and we’ve got your back. We know that life and work can be hectic. That’s why at the new ComboInk, we’ve made buying ink, toner, and other printing supplies as seamless and simple as possible.
new ComboInk

The Choice Is in Your Hands at the New ComboInk

Our redesigned website puts the choice in your hands when it comes to saving and shopping. In response to your feedback, the new ComboInk has better benefits as well as a much more streamlined, easy-to-use interface for you.

More Savings, Personalized Services, and Easier Shopping

  • Tiered Savings: You wanted to save more and now you can at ComboInk! Your savings will increase per product depending on the total quantity. For instance, you will now save 4% on two items, 5.5% on 5 items, 7.5% on 10 items, 10% on 50 items, and so on.
  • Personal Dashboard: This new dashboard stores your order history and a bunch of other account information, making it very convenient for you to reorder ink and toner, access your order status, track your shipment, and much more.
  • Easy Ordering: We don’t want you frantically searching for ink or toner cartridges. Now, you can easily find your ink by printer brand or cartridge model. We’ll even walk you through the steps. It gets even easier once you have an account. With a ComboInk account, you can save your printer brand model and we’ll offer product recommendations based on that printer. Plus, your order history and saved carts will always have your favorite items stored.
  • Build a Combo: Say goodbye to using preselected combo packages! You can now create your own custom combo packs of ink and toner instead of using the preselected packages. What’s even better is that savings are accrued as you add more items to the pack.

You’ll also see that we’ve redesigned our logo, which now emphasizes the heartfelt relationship between our customers (you) and us.

A whole new shopping experience awaits you at ComboInk.com. Give the new ComboInk a try today!
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