Eco-Friendly Printing for your Business

Over the last few years, the governments of the world have started to realise the importance of looking after our planet, and the atmosphere that surrounds it. This has brought about the emergence of Eco friendly systems, which are put in place to ensure that no harm is done to our planet during the course of our normal everyday processes, which in the past had caused a huge amount of damage to our planet.

Small business and young entrepreneurs will always be looking to meet the expectations of both customers and governments, when it comes to eco – friendly business, this includes the printing process, People and businesses are quick to pass judgement on eco – friendly printing as it is thought to be expensive to achieve and the though if sacrificing profits can be enough for companies to ignore the idea, and continue with their normal daily routines.

Fortunately it is possible to maintain an eco – friendly printing process, without breaking the budget, or even causing any extra cost at all, in fact through using Eco – friendly systems of printing you could actually increase the financial turnover and profit that your company achieves over the financial year.

Soy based inks are seen to be significantly better for the environment as opposed to petroleum inks. This is because petroleum inks release high levels of volatile liquids into the atmosphere during the drying process, once the print has been completed. Volatile Organic compounds should be avoided at all costs as they can be very hazardous to not only the persons that come in contact with the ink, but the surrounding environment.

Using recycled paper is also another fantastic Eco – friendly method, there are many varieties of recycled paper available, and so for whatever you are looking to print, you should find the recycled paper to fit your requirements. In today’s market, recycled paper looks exactly the same as the non-recycled counterparts, and there is no difference in the quality of the two types of paper.

Recycle all ink cartridges or toner cartridges that you use, all too often ink cartridges are just thrown away to be disposed of in land fill sites, when in fact they can be reused time and time again. The materials used in the construction of ink cartridges will stay built up for thousands of year in landfill sites and will eventually begin to add to the world’s pollution. Make it your mission to recycle all of your used ink cartridges, and the effort will not be un- noticed by potential customers.
In the terms of business it makes perfect sense to adapt to a more eco – friendly printing system, as you will be helping to save the planet and gaining a profit in the process. Promote the fact, that your business is an Eco – friendly business and see the benefits quickly as potential customers will respect this and it will inevitably become a vital part of your business.

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