Free Christmas Printables for Ornaments and Gift Labels

Christmas printablesHaven’t decorated your home yet for Christmas? You’re in luck because we’re revisiting one of our popular posts “Christmas Tree Ornament Printables.” Keep reading to see how to print your Christmas ornaments and gift tags.

Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. One of the ways for the family to spend quality time together is to decorate the house for the holidays. So we’ve created some simple but beautiful Christmas-themed printable décor items that you can use to really get into the festive spirit with your entire family.

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Materials for DIY Christmas Decorations

You can take print out the decorations in black and white to color yourself, or you can print out the ready-to-go full-color Christmas decorations. Here’s what you will need to create the exclusive Christmas printables that we have specially designed for you:

  • A printer, properly configured and with a reasonably new ink cartridge (you don’t want to run out of ink half way through your décor project)
  • Good quality printing paper or card stock
  • Scissors (if the décor project involves kids, be sure to use safety scissors)
  • Crayons, poster colors, sketch pens, or other coloring devices
  • A hole puncher
  • String or festive ribbons (Tip: Color coordinate the ribbon to the gift wrapping sheet, or use festive silver, gold, or striped ribbons to really boost the look of your gifts.)


Instructions for Christmas Printables

To print your Christmas décor, this is what you need to do:

  1. Click on the décor item of your choice—select either the full-color option or the outline version for coloring
  2. Print the page using good quality paper or card stock
  3. Cut carefully along the ornament shape
  4. If you used the outline image, get your kids to color it using crayons, water colors, etc.
  5. Punch a small hole where indicated by the dot
  6. Insert string or ribbon through the hole and you’re done!

Arrange these cute and whimsical ornaments anywhere in the home or on the Christmas tree. You can even use these décor items for the exterior of the house, the windows, and doors. You can use the labels for gifts, treats, and even for indicating where your guests can be seated at the Christmas table.

Download Here: Printable Christmas Decorations

Happy holidays from all of us at!