Free Printable Chinese Lanterns for the Year of the Horse

As always, ComboInk bring you good cheer and a simple fun way to enter into the festivities for the upcoming Chinese New Year. As with our free printables for Christmas and Halloween , we’ve created some beautiful Chinese Lanterns, as part of the traditional décor for Chinese New Year celebrations.

As many of us may know, the Chinese calendar has a 12 year cycle, with each year being dedicated to a particular animal. The upcoming year will be the Year of the Horse and this year, the Chinese New Year will begin on the 31st of January.

Chinese New Year

Traditionally, these lanterns are hung out on doors and windows during the festive season to scare away the mythical beast called Nian. So put on your creative caps and take advantage of our free printable Chinese lanterns to celebrate this holiday:

What You Will Need

  • Thick, slightly stiff printing paper or card stock
  • A printer in good working order (ensure that the ink cartridge is not exhausted)
  • Scissors (safety scissors may be a good idea if children are making the lanterns)
  • Light bulb candles (try not to use real candles within the lanterns to be safe)
  • Glue, tape, gum or staplers
  • Decoration items such as glitter, streamers, etc.
Chinese New Year


What To Do:

  • Click on the hyperlink below that says “Free Printable Chinese Lantern”- this will open up a PDF document in another tab or window
  • Now give the print command to take a printout of the lantern (if you want a whole row of lanterns to decorate a room or similar, give the print command accordingly)
  • Once you have the printout(s), cut along the solid lines provided
  • Now fold the rectangular printout lengthwise, so that you have a narrower rectangle.
  • Then cut along the dashed lines provided (cut from the fold line, but don’t cut all the way to the edge)
  • Now unfold the paper and join the edges together by gluing or stapling them together
  • You can further embellish the lanterns by adding glitter, streamers, beads and so on
  • You can printout several of these lanterns and string them all up using a ribbon or some string – they will help create a really festive atmosphere

Download Here

It can be a good idea to celebrate different festivals and holidays along with kids because it can help to increase their awareness of other cultures and people. Getting kids involved in such craft activities are fun and also helps stimulate their creativity. So keep track of all our events and activities by subscribing to our newsletter or by following us on Facebook.

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