Green DIY Projects Using Your Printer

diy printing labels
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We enjoy sharing various DIY printer projects and tips with and also other information that you may find interesting or useful via this blog of ours. Our environmentally conscious readers always like knowing about ways to reduce their respective carbon footprints, enjoy knowing about recycle printers, green DIY print projects and so on. So in this post we explore some interesting earth friendly ideas for projects you can accomplish at home with your printer.

DIY Summer Storage/ Makeover Project

 This time around, when it’s time for summer and you no longer need all the winter stuff: stow away the heavy drapes, the throws, rugs, extra cushions and so on. Stow them away in an organized manner so that you can use them again next year. Similarly all the stuff you have lying around that you don’t need right now, segregate, organize and arrange it in a way that it is out of the way right now, but is easy to locate and access when you do need it. Arrange and organize stuff in boxes and print out labels to stick on to the boxes. Be as detailed as you want – list out all the stuff you have in the boxes, the date of packing and number the boxes.

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap and Greetings

diy gift wrap
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Why buy store bought gift wrapping paper (particularly those shiny, plastic generic sheets with little or no personality which will take a hundred years to biodegrade) when you can create your very own customized gift wrap! You can use images and text that you want or even family photos – print these on plain white or brown paper to create truly distinctive gift wrapping paper. 

In the alternative you can even wrap gifts in eco friendly plain recycled paper and then add distinctive touches such as customized labels or tags printed on your own printer. Also, rather than store bought greetings, you can print and send your own – you can ensure that you use eco friendly paper such as recycled paper or non-bleached paper for your greetings.

DIY Custom Party Gear

diy wedding invitations
Via Turtle Papers

Then there is a lot that you can do to make your next party a little different from others. You can of course print your own invites using a witty message, cute pictures and so on. You can also print out other party supplies such as paper napkins, place mats for the table and labels and tags for the party favors. 

One great idea for a party takeaway is photo giveaways.  Ensure that someone with a decent camera is taking pictures at your party. Ask them to get at least one good shot of each of your guests, preferably having a good time. Then at the end of the party, just before everyone is ready to leave, hand out a printed picture to each of your guests in memory of the good time they had at your party! 
Our eco minded readers are sure to have even better ideas about using their printer for DIY home projects and we’d love to hear what they are. Share your ideas with us in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter.
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