How to Choose the Best Printers for Your Home Office

There is a mind boggling array of printers out there for you to choose from. Brands, models, prices and features are so diverse, it can be a confusing process. So how do you go about buying a printer for your home office? Which printer should you get – a laser or an inkjet? What features should you look for? Let’s help narrow down your choices by identifying features you should look for in a home office printer:

An all in one printer is a good idea

Many printers now have a built in scanner and photocopier. This can make a lot of sense for the home office printer where you typically do not need (or may not be able to afford) a dedicated photocopy machine and/or scanner.

Get a compact size printer

Most home offices are located in a small spare room within the home, and the amount of space available is usually an issue. So getting a small, compact sized printer can make a lot of sense. A compact printer is also easier to shift from one room to another.

Choose a printer that is easy to operate

This is especially important if you’re not very tech savvy. Choose a printer that doesn’t have a lot of complex hardware and software that needs installing. Pick one that is a simple plug and print type – it can save a lot of time and hassle.

Pick a printer that is economical to use

What about the toner or ink cartridges? How long do they last in terms of number of printouts? How much does it cost to replace the ink cartridges when they are exhausted?

A printer that doesn’t need much in terms of maintenance

If you work from home, you are typically managing a lot on the home front and will not have much time to devote to extraneous stuff. So ensure that you have a printer that is easy to maintain. If it’s an inkjet you aim to buy, make sure that you take printouts regularly to prevent drying and clogging of the print-heads.

Buy a printer that is compatible with your requirements and your system

What are your printing needs in terms of frequency and volume? Are they chiefly documents or do you need to print images as well? Pick an inkjet or laser printer based on your requirements. Also, ensure that the printer is fully compatible with your computer – both the hardware as well as the operating system.

Ultimately, it’s very important to consider the cost of replacing you cartridges no matter which home printer you choose. You can always count on ComboInk to help you save up to 80% on your ink and toner. For special discount offers subscribe to our mailing list and like us on Facebook.