How to lower the Amount of Money you spend on HP Ink Supplies

HP printers are the most cost effective printers that are currently on the market today, and this is due to a large amount of key factors. All new HP Inkjet Printers in the PhotoSmart series will use a six colour ink cartridge system. This system offers several of the following benefits:

These ink Cartridges are predominately un-chipped which will result in the printer being able to use all of the ink in the cartridge rather than running out after a very short amount of time. All of the individual colours can be replaced easily and without hassle, rather than a tri-colour system which will require the entire cartridge to be changed whenever a certain colour runs out. All of the ink cartridges are relatively large compared with competitors’ offerings; for example a HP compatible PhotoSmart D7345 ink cartridge contains a full amount of quality ink, when compared to other genuine types which may only actually be ¾ full.

As the compatible ink cartridge is of a simple nature, it is possible that you may find several companies that will make them. The main brands of the printer you use, such as HP will attempt to make these cartridges seem insufficient, however this is not the case. There have been rumours that if you use a compatible ink cartridge as opposed to the genuine or OEM types that the warranty that you may have received when you bought it will become void. This is not the case and it is just a rumour, as just because you have used a compatible ink cartridge, this will not cause the printer to work in a different way, and they are in many cases actually more beneficial for the printer in the long term.

Using the compatible ink cartridge will lower your printing costs as they only cost a fraction of the price of the genuine types. They are an alternative to paying the high amounts of money you are expected to by HP and other brand names of printer. They are designed to deliver the exact same performance as the genuine or OEM types and as mentioned before they will contain more ink of the same quality, which means that you will get more for your money.

HP printers remain one if the most cost effective options on the market within the industry and they have held this title for many years. The cost of the initial purchase and also the amount of time you can expect the printer to work for you make them well worth the money spent. With the compatible ink cartridges that you buy you can expect the printer to be able to print a large amount of documents or images which other printers just cannot compete with.