How to make your Ink Cartridge Last Longer?

Printer cartridges are not expensive to replace in the market of today. However as many of us will use our printers and the consumables that they use on a regular basis, he time to change our ink cartridges, seems to come around all too often.

There are however many techniques, that you can utilize that will enable your ink cartridges to serve you for a longer period of time. Through following these simple routines, you can save a large amount of money, as you will see the true potential of the ink cartridge and will achieve the expectations that you have in mind for your printer.

Look At your Printer Settings
Unless you have changed anything already, then your printer will still be using the standard factory settings that it had been sold to you with. These factory settings make your printer become a little bit of ink guzzler, this is nevertheless easy to change.

Some changes that may prove worthwhile or to make changes to the print quality, the colours you use in printing and the size of the content you print. You can set the quality of the print to draft and also make sure you only print in greyscale unless it is absolutely necessary. The colour printing aspect will use up a significantly more amount of ink, and will cost you a much larger amount of money to replace.
Check for any Malfunctions from within your Cartridge
If your printer has stopped working or will cease to work intermittently, then these are sure signs that there is a fault. This can either the settings on your printer casing a problem or can actually be a problem with the ink cartridge itself. Before you just decide to throw the ink cartridge away and purchase a new one, make sure that a clogged cartridge is not the culprit, this is an easy fix and can save you much money in the long run.

Simply remove the ink cartridge, and using a damp paper towel wipe the bottom of the cartridge. This will be enough to remove any blockages that currently reside in the cartridge. Finally just re -install the cartridge in the printer and watch as your printer, once again revert back to its normal working ability’s

Be aware of printing directly from the Internet, as most of the time you will print a lot more content than you had wished for, this include all the advertisements that come with the page you are printing from, and this can put an enormous strain on your ink cartridge.
Make sure you have checked the document; you wish to print thoroughly, as this will stop the user having to produce a reprint, once mistakes have been found, and always look to use a smaller font when it comes to printing. Believe it or not the font in which your documents are printed can make for a huge difference in the economy of your ink cartridge.

However when you have completely exhausted your ink cartridge, you will no doubt have to purchase a new one to replace the old. It is important that you search around and find the best supplier for you. When purchase quality HP, Canon, Compaq and a huge variety of other well-known brands, make sure you find the correct ink cartridge that is compatible with your printer.

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