How to Print Clear Labels with Your Laser Printer

There’s much you can do with your inkjet printer, and DIY sources will tell you they are the best for printing images and graphics. But there are some things that only a laser printer can do. Not only do laser printers give you sharper and more indelible, longer lasting printouts, there are also some DIY projects that only LaserJet printers will help you with.

Printinf Clear Labels with Your Laser PrinterOne of those DIY projects that you will need a laser printer for is the printing of labels for jars, bottles and so on – for preserves & sauce containers pickle jars, kids’ projects and assignments.

So here’s what you’ll need to print your labels:

  • A laser jet printer (an inkjet will not work for this project) with sufficient amount of toner if printing multiple labels
  • Printing paper
  • Packing tape (wide, transparent, adhesive tape)
  • Scissors
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Mason’s jar or clear glass jar (such as a jam jar properly cleaned out and dried)

What to do:

  • First print your label in the color, font and size required. The label should be only as wide as the width of the packing tape you have. Fix the packing tape over the label’s printed area. Pat down and smooth the two surfaces together. Now cut along the edge of the label’s printed area in the desired shape and trim away any excess.
  • Fill a bowl with warm water and put the label, with the packing tape stuck to it, in the water. Ensure that it is fully submerged. If it tries to float to the top, weight it down with something, but ensure that the label stays fully submerged for about 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Remove the label from the water and carefully peel the soaked paper away from the plastic tape backing. You want to do this in a way that the paper is removed but the printed text stays on the plastic.  Now affix the label on to the jar or bottle taking care to smooth it properly and to remove any air bubbles present between the jar and the label.
  • Now you can label your child’s pen stand, clearly label your preserves or pickles or homemade sauces. Store them or freeze them without having to wonder if its tomato puree or strawberry jam you see in that jar!

Make this DIY project a fun activity you can do with the family. Store your items in jars, containers, or even boxes; with these clear labels you’ll never have to wonder what’s inside.

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