How to Store and Install your Ink Cartridges

Although you may be able to get a great deal on the initial purchase of your printer, the real expense comes, when the time comes to replace your Ink cartridges. You can actually pay the same amount of money for a Ink cartridges, as the price you had paid for your printer. To this extent it is important that you know the correct guidelines to follow, when you are installing your new cartridges, or are storing them for a future use.

A common problem that many of us encounter is the Ink drying out, and therefore deeming the Ink cartridge unusable. This is the last thing that you would wish to find after paying the price, which you may have paid for the cartridge.

Make sure the Ink Cartridge, you have bought is stored in the original packaging that it came with. If the Ink cartridge is to be stored for any amount of time, following this guideline, should stop the ink from drying, making it ready to use, when the time comes to replace the old cartridge, you have been using.

It is also important that the Print head is facing up, and also attempt not to store different inks, in the same packaging, as there is a possibility of the inks leaking and mixing together. If the storage area is to warm, the heat can cause the ink inside the cartridge to expand and bubble, which again can leak to the cartridge leaking.

When installing the new Cartridge, there are a few guidelines that you should follow. The first is to make sure, you remove the tape from over the print head, and many people actually forget to do this, which leads to problems when the time comes to commence the first print. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which you will be provided with. Generally, all printers are the same, and the chances are that you will already know how to carry out the process. It is however a good practise to double check the instructions just to be sure.

If during the change you get any ink on your hands, you should wash them straight away, to ensure the ink does not penetrate the skin, which can cause health problems.

If you do have to make regular changes to your ink cartridge, due to excessive use. It would be beneficial to use ink cartridges that are cheaper than the overpriced genuine cartridges we are recommended to use. Compatible ink cartridges provide you with the same quality prints as the genuine cartridges.

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