How to use you HP PhotoSmart C5188 Printer

If you are new to the world of computers and printing, and you are looking for the perfect set up to guide you along your way, then the HP PhotoSmart C5188 printer is the printer you should be looking at. There may be some printers on the market today, which look a little aggressive to you. You will find printers which are bulky and are designed with a variety of buttons all over the printer. The thing is that in reality these printers are probably your bog standard every day, ink jet printer. They are just of an old design and although they can only print out your text documents for you, it will seem an endless process, to select just how you wish them to be printed.

The HP PhotoSmart C5188 printer has been designed with the newbie in mind, and it has been well reviewed in its quest to become the easiest printer to use of its kind. So the question we all ask is, what makes this printer so simple to use and will I be able to work with this printer to achieve the results I need?

In short the answer to this question is yes, and the main reason for this printer being so simple to use, is the integrated LCD screen. This LCD screen is able to look through all of the Menus and the printing options for you, whereas in the past you may have just had to rely on the press of button on the printer, you can now see what each button does, and also just what the printer is thinking internally. It has happened too many of us before, where we think we have selected the right options, and then it is only after we give the order to print; we find that the final outcome is not the outcome we had asked for.

The LCD screen is also useful for other reasons on this printer, as in order to print your images and documents, there is no computer actually needed because of the ideal memory card slot integrated into the printer. Once you have inserted your memory card into the printer, the LCD screen makes it simple for you to select and choose the documents or images you wish to print.  The HP PhotoSmart C5188 printer is also an all in one printer, and it is a very effective solution to the everyday office requirements of the common household or workplace.

PhotoSmart C5188 Ink is available online form many retailers worldwide, it is recommended that you look to purchase compatible ink cartridges to save you money in the long term, especially if you are looking to use your printer, for the task of printing images. In conclusion the PhotoSmart C5188 printer is a printer in which you can place your trust, and rely on each and every day it is required. Use your well earned money to buy a printer like this and you will not be disappointed.

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