The HP PhotoSmart 3310 Wireless Printer

The HP PhotoSmart ranges of printer are the perfect printer to replace you old and traditional model. There are many reasons for this, and due to the rapid increase in the amount of people who now wish to use their printer to produce a quality frame worthy picture, the time is now to purchase one of these models. Many printers in the HP range are not only capable of producing the finest quality images, but can also be used for other purposes, such as a fax machine, a scanner and a photocopier.

The HP PhotoSmart 3310 printer is one of the available models that can do just that. It is an all in one printer that comes with a wireless capability. This means that you can print your images from your computer or memory card without the requirement for the wires which connect them from a device to the printer itself. It is also capable of printing up to 32 pages of print per minute; this is an exceptional speed, as many printers can only manage much less, without losing the quality of the final print.

It comes in a sleek and modernized design that you will be able to integrate into any design of home. The addition of being able to send photos to your friends and family from the printer is also another fantastic addition to this model. Despite the fact that it is an all in one printer which is capable of all printing tasks, it is relatively lightweight and compact in its design. As mentioned earlier it has been known to print at an amazing speed, and it has become known as the fastest printer in the world, of its kind.

If you do not own a computer, you need not to worry as due to the memory card adapters and SD compatible slots on the printer, you can print an image direct from your camera. You can even view the images before you print using the LCD screen integrated into the printer.

All in all the HP PhotoSmart printer is a fantastic printer and offers the customer a fantastic value for the money spent. If you are looking to purchase a printer for image printing or other printing tasks, then this is a printer you should be checking out. The ink for this printer is relatively cheap and the way, in which the printer works, it is able to make the ink cartridge last a good amount of time.

To purchase PhotoSmart 3310 ink printer, ensure you have the correct model number of cartridge for you printer, they are available from many online retailers for a relatively cheap price.

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