The HP PhotoSmart 8230 printer Review

The HP PhotoSmart 8230 All in one printer has long been thought of as a replacement for the older PhotoSmart 8450 Printer model. When you compare the two models you will see many simarlaritys in these two different types of printer. They are similar in design and they also are capable of performing the same tasks, so what is the difference?

To those of you who are looking for a new printer or actual own the PhotoSmart 8450 printer at this current time, then this is a question that you may well want answered if you are to invest your hard earned money in this printer. The Answer is the printing technology that is integrated within this item of hardware. Although the HP PhotoSmart 8450 is still a very capable printer, the internal workings of the printer may well seem outdated. This is the reason why the PhotoSmart 8230 was produced. Over the years there have been several advances in printing technology, HP have been at the top of industry when it comes to printing for many years now, and have as a result always produced the finest in quality printer.

One of the best new features of the PhotoSmart 8230 Printer is the speed in which it is able to print, whilst still being able to maintain the quality images it is able to produce. This is down to the new print engine which has been integrated into the system. The print engine has seen a complete re design and it is this key factor which enables the PhotoSmart 8230 to live up to the all-important expectations of its customers.

The Printer also comes with its own personal photo lab which enables you to review and edit your photos before the final print is produced. This can all be done using the LCD screen which is attached to the printer. The only downside to this printer is that several people have commented on the relatively large ink drops that are used whilst printing, however this is an easy fix, and all that is required is a quick look through the print settings.

The Printer is of a lightweight and portable design, a feature that is not normally common with a printer that is capable of achieving so much. The Ink cartridges are also available for a reasonable price, especially if you seek to use compatible ink cartridge types. HP PhotoSmart 8230 ink is available online for a great discount price if you look in the right places; enjoy the quality images that can be printed, direct from the comfort of your own home, using the HP PhotoSmart 8230 today.

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