The HP PhotoSmart 8238 Printer

If you are looking to replace your old printer in the coming months, then you will have no doubt taken a look at the HP PhotoSmart range of printers that are available on the current market. They are a top quality range of printer, which caters for the demands of their customers. HP has been able to gain a good reputation worldwide, mainly due to the reliability and the functions of the products they release.

The HP PhotoSmart 8238 printer is a printer that has been produced to provide the customer with fine quality images. IN recent years the price of the digital camera has dropped significantly, and this has now led to many of homeowners becoming the proud owner of one and carrying it everywhere in which they travel.

There are now, no more requirements to take a trip to the nearest Image processing shop and paying extortionate prices to get the image from the camera, onto the walls in your household. This is now process which we can all do in the comfort of our home, through using the right equipment. The HP PhotoSmart 8238 is of a slightly larger design, when compared to the rest of the printers in the range HP have to offer. This however will accommodate for a larger scale if final image you are able to print.
The Internal workings of the printer, such as the print engine use the same technology as other successful models in the PhotoSmart range. There are really not many bad points to mention about this printer, and the price in which they are available to purchase makes them a top contender when looking for a new printer.

The Printer uses different ink cartridges for instead of an all in one cartridge, this allows for a better printing process and ensures that the quality is maintained. Many online retailers offer compatible ink cartridges for this model of printer, and I recommend that you seek to use these rather than the OEM cartridges that the manufacturer will always recommend to you. The Truth is that there is really no major difference in these two types of ink cartridges other than the brand name which resides on the outer casing. Make sure you source the right model number when looking for replacement PhotoSmart 8238 ink cartridge, as there are many different types available on the market today.

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