The HP PhotoSmart C5180 Printer

The HP PhotoSmart C5180 printer was released from HP as a replacement for the PhotoSmart C4180. It is a neat and compact printer which uses the very latest in printing technology to carry out al tasks you require from it. It has taken its place in the offices and homes of many individuals since its release and has been commented on as being a durable and reliable printer. It can always be relied upon, in the times in which you need to use it.

It is an all in one printer, and because of this not only can you use it for your daily printing tasks, but it can be used as a fax machine, a scanner and a photocopier. There is not much that this printer cannot do. There is an extensive menu list that is visible to look through in the built in LCD screen. The menus will include options that will allow you to decide exactly how you wish to print your images or documents.

When it is called upon to print, it is able to do s at incredible speeds. You are able to print at least four high quality images using this printer. When you are first looking to install the printer, you will find that this is really easy to accomplish. No computer is required to print, if you are printing direct from a memory card form your camera. Once connected to a power supply, the printer will begin a quick print heads alignment process, and it is after this short process that the printer is ready to work for you.

Not only can this printer provide you with high quality images, but it can print up to 33 pages per minute of regular text document. Not many other printers are able to produce these speeds, when asked to print.

Just as important as the internal print head and other internal parts, is the ink in this is used with the printer. HP offers a fantastic quality ink to use with this printer. However this is expensive and many recommend that you look to use compatible ink cartridges as an alternative to these. Compatible ink cartridges are simple to install and will also give you the exact same quality as the genuine more expensive HP cartridges. The PhotoSmart C5180 printer requires the use of sic ink cartridges, this could become expensive for you if you purchase only genuine ink cartridges.

Ink for an PhotoSmart C5180 is available from many online retailers, when looking to buy replacement ink for your printer, ensure you purchase the correct model for your printer. There are many similar ink cartridges; however it will have to be a certain type to become compatible with your printer.

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