The HP PhotoSmart C8183 Printer – A formal Review

The HP PhotoSmart C8183 printer is one of the leading printers on the market today; here in this review we will take a look at just how this printer has got its status and just how good it really is. One of the first things that you will notice about this printer is the futuristic look and the modern design of it.  The look of the printer sends a clear message to the industry, it looks modern and it also contains all of the latest in modern printing technology. Like other printers in the PhotoSmart range, it has been engineered expertly and it will only take up a small amount of space, whether you are looking to use it in your family household or in the modern workplace and office.

It comes with an LCD screen, which again is compact however is large enough to provide a quality service. The LCD screen can be used to search through the printers many options, and will help you to successfully choose the settings that you wish the printer to use. The printer is very quiet when it is in use; this is a feature that is not common on other brands of printer. The All in one printer is generally quite a loud machine when it is in use, HP have worked on this and as a result you will find that this printer, is significantly quieter than others of a similar type. The printer has been designed for heavy use, and will therefore always produce the results that you need, for many years to come after the initial purchase.

The PhotoSmart C8183 printer is able to print at very quick speeds, when we had tested this printer we had found that it can produce up to 33 pages of colour print per minute, and can produce even more, when you choose to print in only black colours. It uses the standard HP six colour ink cartridges, which means that you are able to print both images and other documents in high definition.

If you have used this printer before, then you will have seen the real quality that it can produce. We found that it was simple to use, yet effective in the results it produced. If you decide that this is the printer for you, then one more piece of advice we give to you, is to use compatible ink cartridges. Ink for an HP PhotoSmart C8183 can be expensive if you only use genuine types of cartridge. If you use compatible ink cartridges you will find that the exact same results can be achieved, at a fraction of the cost.