The HP PhotoSmart D7355 printer

The HP PhotoSmart D7355 Printer is one of the latest additions to the PhotoSmart line of printers. It is seen as one of the most reliable printers of the series and has received a very welcoming reception to both homes and offices worldwide. It is compact in size and comes with an amazing modern design to make it blend into the modern home décor many of us have in our homes today.

Despite its small size, the printer certainly packs a punch as it is able to maintain a very fluent and high quality printing service. It is very durable and the images in which are to be printed from this printer will last for many years. This of course will also depend on the quality of both the ink and the type of paper used, but the printer will be able to effectively perform to an exceptional standard to ensure you only receive the best quality prints.

It is able to print out one photo every 14 seconds, when it is to be used for this process. This is very quick and is a time that many other brands of printer are not able to contend with, without sacrificing the final quality of the image. It is also able to print at 32 pages per minute for a standard black and white print, and 31 pages per minute for a standard colour print. Again these speeds are a credit to HP, and the technology in which they use in their products.

There is the Option to purchase an additional Bluetooth adapter for this printer, this would enable you to send photos or images direct to your printer via your mobile phone or modern digital camera. If you make this an addition to your HP PhotoSmart D7355 Printer, than this cancels out the need for a PC altogether. If you wish to use the printer in a more traditional method through using your PC, the D7355 has been known to be very simple to set up, all you need is to connect the printer to your PC via a USB port and follow the Instructions which would follow.

If you are looking to replace your old printer or are looking for your first printer, this printer comes highly recommended by many experts in the market. It is a reasonable price for the options it offers you, and will also last you many years. To ensure you get the best quality prints, from this printer, ensure you use the correct ink for this printer model. You can purchase discount HP PhotoSmart D7355 ink online now for a low price from many online retailers. Seek to buy Compatible printer ink cartridges for the PhotoSmart series to save you even more money and to really see the benefits of the HP PhotoSmart range.

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