Ink Jet Printer Reviews – The HP PhotoSmart D7100

When you are looking for a new printer to use within your family home, how do we know which printers are best suited to the needs and wants of our family. Printers are commonly used in many worldwide households, and it goes without saying that we now need a printer that is both reliable and effective.

The need for a printer which is able to produce high quality images and text documents at the touch of a button is no higher than ever. The HP PhotoSmart D7100 printer is an all in one printer which is able to produce the results you are looking for time after time.  It is important to us, that all money we spend on a printer is going to be worth it, as we also live in a time, where money has to be carefully spent.

There are several printers in the PhotoSmart range at this current time, and although the PhotoSmart D7100 is not one of the latest printers to have been released into the series it seems to hold its own ground with relative ease. It is still able to produce images of a very high quality, and despite the lack of modern components such as the large LCD screen, it is still relatively easy to use. Like other PhotoSmart printers it also uses a six colour ink cartridge system which enables every single detail to be brought to live as the printer works for you.

It comes with spaces in which to slot in your memory card direct from your digital camera, so that you can print direct from there, instead of having to use a computer to process the image first. This makes image printing a much quicker and simple process.

The printer can print up to 33 pages per minute of colour print, which is a fantastic speed in which to achieve as many other brands of printer cannot match it. It comes in a very sleek and modern design and will easily fit into any home, due to its compact size. The PhotoSmart D7100 printer is a great printer for the money in which they are currently available on the market to purchase for. We found them very easy to use and also found the quality of the prints to be of exceptional quality. When the time comes to replace the ink cartridges in the printer, we recommend you use compatible ink cartridges. Ink for an HP PhotoSmart D7100 can be purchased in the form of a compatible ink cartridge, and to buy you ink in this form, will save you a large amount of money when compared to buying the genuine HP ink cartridges.