Introducing the HP PhotoSmart 8250

If you are looking for a new printer to replace your old model, then there is a chance that the new HP PhotoSmart 8250 is the printer you have been looking for. It has been mentioned that this is the printer to replace the older variation of the PhotoSmart D7360, as there are many similarity’s not only in design but in the many printing processes that this item of hardware can complete.

The printer is able to produce a quality 4 x 6” image in as little as 14 seconds, which is a very quick speed for an image to be printed. Not only can it print an image in this speed, the PhotoSmart 8250 is also able to produce 31 pages of full colour document per minute. If you do not own a computer this is no problem, as the printer comes with built in Memory card slots, which work on a plug in and play basis. All you need to do is place the memory Card from your camera into the printer and then choose which images, you wish to print.

The PhotoSmart 8250 uses a LCD screen as part of its design, which makes it easy for you to look through the images stored on your memory card and  will  also aid you in looking through the many options the printer has to offer you, when it comes to selecting how you would like to produce the final print.
An extra addition to this printer is that you are now also able to view videos on your printers screen. This is an amazing part of the technology used as a part of the design of this printer. Not only can you watch videos but you can also freeze frame the video and print out your favourite part. The new HP Image zone software comes as standard with this printer. This enables you to both organize enhance and then print the final image to a high quality standard.

The HP Instant share software which is also compatible enables you to send and receive photos from you friends and family. This printer really makes a good purchase and for those who use them on a daily basis, there have been no major complaints. The Ink for this printer comes in the form of separate ink cartridges. These are available online for a low discounted price. Look to purchase PhotoSmart 8250 ink using compatible ink cartridges and see the many fantastic features that this printer has to offer.

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