iPhone and Android Apps for Printing Mother’s Day Greeting Cards

There are smartphone apps that will convert normal faces into terrifying zombies that growl and snap, there is a bowel movement tracking app, there is the annoy-a-teen app, there is a game for cats, a fake-an-excuse-hang-up-now app and there is even a pimple popping app! So there is a plethora of seemingly useless mobile apps out there. Fortunately though, there are some very useful and practical apps out there as well, such as the apps that help you create greeting cards for Mother’s Day which falls on the second Sunday of every May (on May 10th this year). Send physical cards, animated messages, musical ecards and more:

iTunes apps for Mother’s Day greetings

JustWink is a free app that lets you personalize greetings which you can send via text messages, email, Facebook, Twitter and more. Send animated greetings and messages from any of various different categories.

Ink Cards is an app that will send physical cards for you without you having to visit the store (very useful for technophobe moms who stay away from gadgets). Choose from over 500 customizable designs for all occasions, use your own photos and have personalized greetings mailed for a fee.

Red Stamp is another top rated free app that lets you customize cards (and invites) and sends them in electronic form or offers to mail them for you for a fee. There are a 1000+ templates to choose from.

Someecards is for the mom with a sense of humor. Send your mom a card featuring that tart, acerbic humor. The free version has limited options though, and you may have to upgrade to the paid version to gain full access.

Card Shop is a paid app that even lets you print your cards via AirPrint. You can print two sided cards and multi page cards as well.  You can take a print out and personally sign and send your card so your mom won’t think it is an impersonal sort of missive.

Android apps for Mother’s Day greetings

Mother’s Day Cards is an app especially for Mother’s Day cards. Choose a template, personalize and send the card via Facebook, Whatsapp and more.

123 Greetings is the free app for the long established eCard service that lets you send cards for all sorts of occasions including Mother’s Day, Women’s Day and even Mother in Law day! It lets you synch contacts for easy access to birthdays and anniversaries. Send videos, musical cards or e-postcards to anyone anywhere in the world.

The Red Stamp app is also available on Android. It lets you send cards with your own in-app photos, or select from a thousand plus templates. You can have them mailed to your mom or have them shipped to you for a fee.

Greeting Cards lets you customize greetings for Mother’s Day and also has a built in print functionality. Add your own photo and text, play with different styles, share with friends and family. It even lets you add your own signature (a finger doodle) and lets you save your greetings to a local photo album.

Pringo is a popular photo editing and printing app. It isn’t a dedicated greeting card app, though it does have many greeting card templates and can very easily be adapted to your greeting card requirements, including for Mother’s Day. Add special effects, frames, borders, text enjoy auto online photo backup.

If your phone runs on Windows, you could opt for this Hallmark Greetings app – this lets you add your own photos, access the message library and add addresses form your contacts list. It them mails personalized greetings to the recipients you specify.

Of course there are a host of websites that will let you create your own cards and print them so you can send them to mom the old fashioned way. We’re doing our bit so you can send your mom a personalized card this mother’s day.  All this May, we’re giving you an $10 OFF any $65 or more discount on your printer cartridge purchases. So don’t forget to use coupon code FREE15 when you make a purchase any time up to 31st May.

How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Is there a greeting site or app that you particularly favor and if so why? Do share your thoughts via our Comments segment.

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