Make Your Business More Energy Efficient This Winter

Make your business energy efficient this winter
If you’re a small business owner, you can save money by doing a lot of things yourself, including winterizing your workplace. You want to make sure your building is ready to handle wintry weather. Follow these steps to save your business energy and money this winter.


How Your Business Can Be Energy Efficient in Winter

Reverse Ceiling Fans

You don’t have to spend any extra money on this tip! Keep your employees warmer by reversing the direction of any ceiling fans. The clockwise motion will pull warm air down from the ceiling. In addition, use a lower setting than you would during the summer.

Adjust the Temperature

To save up to 5 percent on your heating costs, set the temperature to 68 degrees F when employees are in the office. If no one is in the office, have the temperature at 55 degrees F. You may have to adjust the thermostat manually if you don’t have a programmable one. You can also open window blinds to warm the office through sunlight.

Examine Your Heating System & Insulation

Does your office have heating ducts? If so, verify that the ducts have insulation. Properly insulated ducts allow your furnace to run more efficiently, saving you unnecessary energy costs. You should also replace the heating system filter on a regular basis.

Check Your Pipes

Similarly, pipes should be fully insulated as well. When outside temperatures drop below freezing and then warm up again, you could have a mess on your hands with burst pipes.

Seal Up Windows, Doors, & Pipes

Whether you’re a business owner or home owner, everyone should weatherstrip their windows, doors, pipes, and vents to prevent drafts and leaks. You can buy weatherstripping for doors at hardware stores. You may need to caulk windows and any pipes too.

More Tips to Winterize Your Business

Inspect Your Gutters and Roof

Live in a location likely to get snow? Make sure your roof is cleared and your gutters are free of debris. Gutters and roofs could sag due to snow or ice accumulation. Ice dams on clogged gutters can even lead to water leaking in your building. You also want the gutter downspouts to point away both from your building so water doesn’t build up and from sidewalks so customers and employees don’t slip.

Get a Generator

In case power goes out in a snowstorm, consider purchasing a generator so that your business operations stay on track. Depending on the size of your building, you could stick with a personal generator or upgrade to a commercial one starting at $6000.

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