Must know facts on your Toner Cartridge

toner cartridge

If you currently use a laser jet printer, there will be many facts that you do not know about your Toner cartridge. One fact that we will all know however is that you may of been able to collect yourself a quality printer for a low price, but when the time has come to replace your Toner cartridge, the task of finding one that is reasonably priced can be challenging.

There are however great deals to be found online, when searching for a Toner cartridge which is compatible with your printer. The laser jet toner cartridge works as it hold a dry powder which when it is electronically charged can transfer down onto the actual paper, creating the final print for you. The printing process is a lot simpler than many may actually think, and you can expect to receive many pages of print from one toner cartridge.

As the toner uses a powder rather than an actual ink, you will receive many more prints from this type of cartridge as opposed to the ink cartridge used in ink jet printers. The process involved will also ensure that your print will be a lot sharper and will be of a better quality, than if you had used an ink jet printer.
Toner is also used in items such as a fax machine and photocopier to produce the final image previously these prints were made from carbon powder as opposed to the toner powder available now. The carbon used to be combined with polymer, and together they worked to achieve the final print for you from the machine.

The ingredients used in the modern toner cartridge will differ from cartridge to cartridge and also from printer to printer, it all depends on which ingredients will best suit the design of the printer. The ingredients will differ from the grain size and also the melting point that create the image. Some toner companies will employ the use of a chemical process which will increase the size of the toner particles. This would then result in better quality print along with a more accurate color reproduction from the cartridge.