OEM Cartridges VS Compatible Cartridges

There has been much debate over which type of cartridge is the best to use in our printers, there are many pro’s and Con’s to each method that we can use. In today’s market the there are many options for us to look at, when the time comes to replace our dried up ink cartridges. There are the most commonly known OEM Ink cartridges, Compatible Ink cartridges, Re-manufactured ink cartridges and also a DIY ink refill option for you to choose from.

But which option will provide you with the best value for money and ease of use. In many opinions the decision comes down to two choices, the OEM cartridges and the Compatible Ink cartridge. These two types are seen as the most common due to their ease of use and their reliability when it comes to the final print. With ink refills you have to spend a good amount of time, and even when the process is complete, you can be left with a huge mess to clean up and an ink cartridge that will still not work, due to the chip on the actual cartridge still registering as being empty.

OEM Cartridges
The original equipment manufacturer cartridge (OEM) is the cartridge that most people will know about, they are sold in many of the large superstores we visit on a weekly basis and there is no question that the quality they provide to our final prints, is of the highest level.

However these come at a high price, a high price that many people can simply not afford in today’s current climates. The most common brands of OEM ink cartridges are Canon, HP, and Epson and there are many others. Although the quality is good and many will say that you get what you pay for, the price of these ink cartridges is just too expensive, if you use your printer on a regular basis. A brands ink cartridge is the main way that the company will make money from the consumer, and although you may have been able to find a cheap printer, the amounts charged for the brands Ink cartridges, makes up for the discount you have given on your printer.

The Compatible Ink cartridge
The compatible ink cartridge has seen a massive increase in sales over the last few year, this could be down to the fact, the world is stuck in a recession, or it could be that many users are finally seeing the many fantastic benefits that they provide.

It was long thought that these cartridges are just a downgrade and less superior cartridge to that of the OEM. Recent studies have proven this to be not the case, and we have found that despite the lower significantly lower price you are expected to pay for the use of a compatible ink cartridge, the quality and service is much the same as the OEM cartridge.

There are compatible cartridges available for all brands and model of printer available today, the cartridges are designed to fit all of the specifications of the manufacturer without actually impeding on the copyright of the OEM cartridge. Many printers require the cartridge to have a chip, to relay information from the printer to the computer, and the compatible ink cartridge even comes with the correct chip, for the correct make and model of printer.

The sales of Compatible ink cartridges will continue to grow, and they are now seen as major competition to the OEM cartridges, as more and more people turn to their many benefits.  The prices of brand cartridges are not set to fall any time soon, so look to compatible cartridges, and save yourself money whilst still maintaining a superior quality print.

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