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First, thanks for checking out the ComboInk blog! contributors

Since fall 2017, you may have noticed that we have two fantastic guest bloggers writing interesting and informative articles on a range of work-related topics. Our blog always tries to keep our ComboInk customers up to date on the business world so that your work can thrive. In addition to featuring small-to-medium business (SMB) tips and best practices, you’ll find helpful articles on crafting, photography, DIY projects, and more on the blog.

If you ever have an article idea or would like us to focus on a particular topic, just send us a message using the Contact Us form at the very bottom. We’d love discussing ways to make the blog better and suit your needs. You can also join the discussion by commenting on the articles directly. If you’re on social media all the time, feel free to leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Now, without further ado, please keep reading to learn more about our contributors.

Meet Our Contributors

Stephanie Figy

Stephanie is a business + marketing writer at an A/E firm by day, and a freelance writer by night. In her free time she enjoys traveling with her husband, drinking craft beer, and taking care of her cats and rabbits. You can find out more about her at stephaniefigy.com or @SKFigy.

Jessica Sillers

Jessica writes about business, finance, and parenting for various companies and publications. Her favorite things include outings with her husband and daughter, Elena Ferrante novels, and perfecting the chocolate chip cookie. Read more of her work at www.dcfreelancewriter.com/portfolio.

Are you interested in writing for the ComboInk blog? Please fill out the Contact Us form below with “Guest Blogging” in the subject line and details of your expertise. We’ll then get back to you at our earliest convenience.