Photo Printing Guide for Professional Prints

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Photographers aren’t the only ones who should know a thing or two about choosing photo paper. If you want your photographs to be quality prints you don’t need a photo lab. You can print photos online to your home computer versus ordering professional prints for huge savings.

However,  it’s important to pick out the right type of  photo paper for your images and occasion.  Don’t use printer paper. Just think, you probably wouldn’t use the same type of paper for your wedding album for scrapbook pictures.
Using regular printer paper isn’t recommended for photos.  The quality won’t be very good because of the finish  and neither will the preservation for albums or frames. All in all, using the correct type of photo paper can transform your print photos.
Plus, you can have a lot of fun editing, adding text and photo-shopping your images to suit your requirements, and can even create collages of your images. Photo papers are of different dimensions and finishes. Here are some photo paper types to choose from:

Types of Photo Paper

Depending upon the resolution of the images and the size of the photo prints you want, you can pick photo papers of the following dimensions and can most typically be bought in convenient 20 sheet packages, 100 sheet packages and so on:
  •  4 x 6 Photo Paper  – this gives you regular sized photos which will fit into most photo frames,
  •  5 x 7 Photo Paper – this size of photo paper gives you a slightly larger size of print
  •  8.5 x 11 Photo Paper – this photo-paper dimension is great for printing detailed landscapes or quality, high resolution portraits
  • 11 x 17 Photo Paper – this photo paper size gives you extra large sized pictures or fair sized posters that you can frame and put up on your walls, use for school projects or for in house advertising purposes

Photo Paper Finishes

Each of the above dimensions can be opted for in various different paper finishes –

You can choose either a matte finish or glossy photo paper depending on the look you’re going for or occasion (i.e. wedding). While matte paper produces high quality photos, the finish is not as vibrant or bright as the results of glossy photo papers. Glossy prints also show up more detail in the images.

On the other hand, matte finish photos have a non-reflective finish and will not show up finger marks as much as glossy prints will.
Luster photo paper is like a semi matte finish and produces image printouts that are significantly different than matte or glossy photos. Then there are canvas finish photo papers that offer great results for fine art prints and for those special photos.

Tips for printing digital photos

Check the resolution of the images before deciding the dimension of the printout – if the resolution or number of pixels per square inch, are inadequate, the print out could be indistinct and pixilated looking. When printing your photos, ensure that you use good quality paper that has been specially treated and is heavy enough to resist tearing. Resin coated paper is water resistant and also able to resist scratches, so that your printouts last longer.

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