Printing Images – Using your HP PhotoSmart C5185 Printer

Many of us will now use our household printer, to print our latest family pictures. The process of being able to achieve well-presented images from a printer, has no finally become mastered through the research of many manufacturers, one of these is Hewlett Packard. The HP PhotoSmart series has been designed to ensure that you will only receive the very highest quality in image printing. There are many printers that are a part of the PhotoSmart range, and it can be hard to make that final decision, when the time comes to buy a new printer.

If you have used any form of HP printer in the past, then you will have recognised the quality that comes with their products. This is what makes HP the leading brand in the industry today. All HP printers are both durable and are reliable each and every time they are called upon to perform and complete a task for you.

The HP PhotoSmart C5185 printer is a part of the PhotoSmart range, and is a printer which has become well respected throughout the industry. It is only of a compact design but yet it is able to deliver as much as a final result. It is an all in one printer, which means that it is able to assist you with tasks such a faxing, copying, scanner and of course the all-important printing tasks that you may require being complete.

The C5185 printer uses a new system and an upgraded print head to be able to achieve the fantastic results it can produce. There are now six colour of ink, which are used as opposed to the standard and more traditional four colours used in older models of printer. You may think that there is no need for the extra colours of ink as printers you have used in the past have been more than capable of producing the quality you need. You will never see the difference in the quality of the final image produced unless you see the results for yourself.

As we have mentioned that the HP PhotoSmart C5185 printer uses a total of six ink cartridges, you may now start to think that the printer could become expensive to use. This is not the case however, if you seek to use the compatible ink cartridge. Compatible ink cartridges are ink cartridges which have been both tested and manufactured to reach the strict guidelines of the actual manufacturer of the printer, there will be no loss in the quality of the print is you use compatible ink cartridges, instead of the brands own, expensive alternatives. To buy PhotoSmart C5185 ink, take a look online and shop around to find the best bargain. There are several online retailers which will offer the ink cartridges you need, for a discount price.