A review of the HP PhotoSmart C6180 Printer

I had recently bought myself a HP PhotoSmart C6180 printer, and I wanted to share with you my experiences with this printer. I bought this printer due to the many positive reviews I have found on the internet; I found that this printer had received much positive praise from the general public. Buying this printer has possibly been the best purchase of my year so far, as I find it offers a fantastic value for money. I have used many other brands of printer; however none I have used previously are able to match the quality which is obtained through using the PhotoSmart C6180 printer.

The design of the printer has been well thought about by Hewlett Packard, I think they have realised that people are now looking to buy a modern looking printer. The C6180 printer is sleek and in some aspects looks a little futuristic. Despite this, the printer is very easy to use and although I am no computer genius, I have encountered no problems, in being able to use the printer for what I need it to do.

As a keen photographer, I take my camera with me virtually everywhere I go. My camera is my way of expressing myself and also a way of capturing those special family moments together. To make sure I gain the most from the images I capture, I was looking to find a printer, which would easily be able to produce images that would live up to my expectations. The PhotoSmart C6180 has lived up to these expectations and the images, in which it has provided me with so far, have not lost any of their exceptional quality since the print.

The Printer uses an LCD screen which is integrated into the design of the printer. This again, makes this printer simple to use. If you do not own a computer, then you can use a compatible memory card to print images or documents from the printer. If you insert your memory card then you can simply select the document or images you wish to print using the LCD screen, which I had mentioned earlier. The PhotoSmart C6180 printer is an Ink Jet printer, which means it requires ink cartridges, to enable it to work. I have found the best way to buy PhotoSmart C6180 ink is to shop online, as there are many bargains to be found, if you shop in this way.