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Free Christmas Printables for Ornaments and Gift Labels

Haven’t decorated your home yet for Christmas? You’re in luck because we’re revisiting one of our popular posts “Christmas Tree Ornament Printables.” Keep reading to see how to print your Christmas ornaments and gift tags. Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. One of the ways for the family to spend quality time together […]

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DIY Paper Projects: 5 Fun Ideas for Paper Crafts

Did you know that something as simple as paper could be transformed into a sophisticated-looking lampshade? DIY paper projects range from seemingly simple origami to elaborate birdhouses. You only need high-quality paper (usually a heavy stock) and some patience. These five ideas are fairly uncomplicated, and the results are delightful. Lamps Buy a paper lantern, […]

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Green DIY Projects Using Your Printer

Image Via CreativeBug We enjoy sharing various DIY printer projects and tips with and also other information that you may find interesting or useful via this blog of ours. Our environmentally conscious readers always like knowing about ways to reduce their respective carbon footprints, enjoy knowing about recycle printers, green DIY print projects and so on. […]

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