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Dot Matrix Printing: History, How It Works, and Types of Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printing use impact to move the print head horizontally or vertically to print on pages. This impact is either applied to an ink-soaked ribbon against the paper or directly onto carbon paper forms. More versatile than a typewriter, letters formed from a dot matrix allow for a wider variety of fonts and graphics. […]

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Easy Troubleshooting for Common Dot Matrix Printer Problems

We’ve been talking so much about 3D printers these days; its futuristic uses in ‘printing’ everything from dwelling spaces to human tissue. So speaking about dot matrix printers seems a little like harking back to the primitive age of the typewriter. It’s a similar mechanism after all; the repeated striking of the ink-soaked cloth ribbon […]

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Dot Matrix Printer

A printer is a hardware device that is connected to computer to obtain output. Nowadays it can also be connected to a digital camera to take print outs of pictures directly. The output here is called the hard copy output. Apart from printers, there are other output devices also like monitor, plotter, speakers, headphones, projectors, […]

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