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Easy Ways to Go Green at the Office

Through recycling, composting, using energy efficient appliances, and much more, people are more eco-minded than ever in their homes and daily lives. But with one-third of every day spent at work, it is well worth considering how to create a sustainable office. Green office habits help protect the environment and the company‚Äôs bottom line, which […]

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Eco-Friendly Printing for your Business

Over the last few years, the governments of the world have started to realise the importance of looking after our planet, and the atmosphere that surrounds it. This has brought about the emergence of Eco friendly systems, which are put in place to ensure that no harm is done to our planet during the course […]

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Soy Ink Cartridges for Eco-friendly Printing

Soy Ink Cartridges for Eco-friendly Printing If you want to contribute to saving our environment, you should use soy ink cartridges as an environment-friendly alternative to petroleum-based cartridges. It is one of the effective ways to encourage environment-friendly practices in the workplace. What Are Soy Ink Cartridges? Soy ink is used in toner cartridges in […]

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