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How to Solve Pesky Printer Problems

You need to print a report pronto, and your printer is showing error messages. What should you do? Before giving up or trashing your printer, try these simple solutions and troubleshooting tips. Answers to 6 Common Printer Problems Low Ink Warning Message Your computer or printer will alert you when ink is running low. But […]

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Clean Your Printer’s Printhead in Seconds

If your printouts are coming out a little streaky or subpar, it might be time to replace your ink cartridge. The issue could be a clogged or a misaligned print head. Sometimes, you may also get the message “printhead missing” or “printhead not installed”.  Thankfully, the steps to fix problems like these are simple. Check […]

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What Is A Printhead – Printhead Unleashed!

Today being a very tech savvy environment, it pays to know more about how things work and what they are made up of. For example, a basic computer printer has many moving parts in it. Simply using it is not enough. It is important to thoroughly understand its working and what components are important to […]

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