Tag: Troubleshooting

How to Solve Pesky Printer Problems

You need to print a report pronto, and your printer is showing error messages. What should you do? Before giving up or trashing your printer, try these simple solutions and troubleshooting tips. Answers to 6 Common Printer Problems Low Ink Warning Message Your computer or printer will alert you when ink is running low. But […]

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Easy Troubleshooting for Common Dot Matrix Printer Problems

We’ve been talking so much about 3D printers these days; its futuristic uses in ‘printing’ everything from dwelling spaces to human tissue. So speaking about dot matrix printers seems a little like harking back to the primitive age of the typewriter. It’s a similar mechanism after all; the repeated striking of the ink-soaked cloth ribbon […]

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Common Fax Machine Issues and How to Fix Them

Paper jams, communication errors, illegible printing, strange noises, phone not answering and other irritants can crop up when you use a fax machine. There could be sending problems as well as receiving problems. After all this is a sensitive piece of equipment, with minutely calibrated motors and sensors that have to work in tandem to […]

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