Thanksgiving Themed Printable Placemats and Origami

It’s thanksgiving, time to sit back, relax, unbuckle and indulge your appetite in some delicious guilty pleasures. You can sweat out the consequences later. But before you stuff yourself, here’s a very fun activity you can enjoy with your family and also make sure that everyone has a place at the dinner table. Try not to be tempted and reserve the best spot for yourself (the one where you have unrestrained access to every pot, casserole, crock, deep dish, and plate available). Download these printable dinner placemats and origami turkey designs and add it to your Thanksgiving tradition which children and adults alike can enjoy.

Here’s what you need to get started:

Thanksgiving Turkey Origami
  • A working printer (with a good amount of ink)
  • Printer Paper (sizes A2 and A4)
  • Glue (kid friendly)
  • Scissors (kid friendly)
  • Coloring materials (crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc.)
  • A family ready to have some fun
  • Someone willing to print out the placemats, as well as the origami designs and receive a whole lot of smiles and hugs in return

To download the placemats and origami turkey images:

  • Click on the link below to “DOWNLOAD” the placemats and origami designs with the  instructions (this will open a PDF file version)
  • Click “PRINT” to print out the images in your desired size (make sure to print out a substantial amount for everyone and remember that the placemats should be double sided)
  • Once everything is downloaded, printed out and passed around, it’s time to get creative… and form your own little colony of turkey origami!

Once the placemats are colored, have them place their unique designs where they want to sit for dinner. After dinner, you can all have more fun solving the puzzles on the reverse side of the placemats or making more origami turkeys.

Togetherness is the theme, so make sure everyone is enjoying their special time together. Remember to retain the individually colored placemats and origamis as a token of this happy occasion.

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From our family to yours, ComboInk wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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