Free Printable Home & Office Decorations for Halloween

This Halloween you can really get into the mood and add some spooky touches to your home or office using our simple, do-it-yourself printable Halloween decorations. We put together some great Halloween themed décor ideas for you to printout at home – a scary Frankenstein, some ghoulish bats and spiders, a horrible haunted house and some seriously scary pumpkin faces. Just make sure you have your compatible ink cartridges properly installed, and you’re good to go.

Here’s what you will need to create your own unique, free printable spooky Halloween decorations:

  • Good quality paper or card stock for printing
  • Scissors (use safety scissors if kids will be doing the cutting)
  • Craft knife (it‘s best that small children don’t handle this)
  • Crayons, poster colors or other coloring material

How to make your own Halloween décor:

  • Ensure that your printer cartridge or toner cartridge is properly installed. Also make sure that your ink cartridge isn’t exhausted and that it will get you the desired number of printouts.
  • Now click on the “DOWNLOAD” link below the printable décor idea of your choice from these options:
  • Outline of a bat shape
  • Outline of a scary spider
  • Frankenstein’s right foot
  • Frankenstein’s left foot
  • Frankenstein’s body
  • Frankenstein’s hands
  • Frankenstein’s face
  • Haunted house (outline for coloring)
  • Clicking on the décor idea of your choice will open another tab which is the PDF version of the printable decoration.
  • Now click “PRINT” from your browser’s drop down menu.
  • Once you have the printout, cut neatly along dashed lines provided.
  • For the haunted house printout, cut along the (solid) _______ lines and then fold along the (dashed)   ———- lines
  • If you’ve printed out the bat, spider, haunted house, or the colorable versions of the mask, color them using colors of your choice.
  • For the Frankenstein’s face, body, hands and feet as well, punch holes where indicated so that you can simply string up your printouts at as desired in your home or office.

Tip: Put them in places where least expected and wait for the startled shrieks!

Download Here:


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