Tips for Affordable and Elegant Wedding Invitations


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Having to choose wedding invites from a limited variety of designs offered to you by a print shop is a thing of the past! You can now be as creative, as different and as individual as you want in the sort of wedding invites that you opt for. If hearts and flowers are your thing, then that is what you can choose. If a minimalist understatement is more reflective of your personality then that is what you should go with!

Why DIY Wedding Invites are a Good Idea
DIY wedding invites mean that you can create something truly reflective of your partner and your personality. Not only that,they are cost effective. Since, you’re doing your own designing and printing, you’re saving on what you would have had to pay the print shop.

You can print as many or as few as you need to; you don’t have to pay for the least number of cards (which you may never use). With DIY invites all that you really pay for is the actual such as printing paper/cards, envelopes and the ink or toner cartridges.

You can personalize your wedding invites and add special messages for special invitees (personal messages for family and close friends etc). You can also include printed maps or directions to the venue and an RSVP card along with the invite.  Plus you can also create Save the Date notes, Thank You Cards, Tags for Wedding Favors and even some cute personal invites for the Best Man and the Maid /Matron of honor.

Tips for Affordable and Elegant Wedding Invitations

  • Choose the paper with care. Pure cotton paper, papers made from bamboo and other handmade options are very elegant but also expensive. Paper with metallic or shinier finishes cost less. You could also opt for brown recycled paper – make an earth friendly gesture and save money at the same time! Also remember that some paper types tend to be heavier than others, so if you’re going to be posting the cards, take postage into account.
  • Check out free templates for wedding invites online. You can choose something traditional and heartfelt or funny and cute. Just select and alter available designs to suit your requirements and to match your color scheme or wedding theme. (Check out some of these great free Pinterest wedding invite templates).
  • Space your design, words, border and so on properly. The words should be spaced properly and should be large enough to be legible. Ornate fonts can look great, but they can be difficult to read, so be careful with that. Directions to the venue can be printed on a separate card (which you may not have to send along with every invite).
  • Triple check the wording, design and color scheme before you take your printouts; you don’t want to waste any of the paper you picked out so painstakingly.
  • Keep the design simple and clutter free to the extent possible. Don’t make it too busy. Not only does it look better that way; you will be using up less ink and toner.  Also consider whether you want to keep the background plain or colored; obviously the latter option will use up much more ink and toner. Thick borders, large or dense colored designs will also use up more ink and toner.

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