Top 5 Halloween Ideas for Your Office

Halloween office party

You don’t have to relegate Halloween celebrations to your home. Bring the party to the office! Halloween decorations and festivities can liven up a dreary office environment and support team building. Below are our top ideas to make your Halloween office party a monster (s)mash.

1. Sponsor a Costume Contest

Encourage employees to dress up on Halloween. Then at the end of the day everyone votes by secret ballot on the best costume. The winner is rewarded with a gift card or a half day off.

2. Decorate the Office

You can easily decorate the office with simple Halloween printables. Employees can also adorn their desks with pumpkins, cobwebs, spiders, or other spooky décor. Instead of a costume contest, have a desk contest: whoever has the creepiest desk decorations wins.

3. Bring Fun Food and Drinks

If you don’t want to have a catered lunch, ask employees if they’d like to do a potluck lunch or snacks toward the close of the work day. Everyone can bring in Halloween-themed food and drinks, such as brownie bats, strawberry ghosts, jalapeño popper mummies, apple cider, devil’s food cupcakes, and spider bites.

4. Play Halloween Games

Again, carve out some time during lunch or end of day to play some games. Activities loosen up employees and encourage team building. Try the petrified pyramid in which teams of employees choose Halloween-related categories and get their teammates to guess as many answers in the category in the allotted time limit.

Black cat got your tongue is a game you can play throughout the day. Notify employees in the morning of “forbidden” words. These can be everyday words or use words that apply to your business. Hand out tickets to each employee. If you are caught saying one of the words on the list, you have to give up a ticket. The employee with the most tickets at the end of the day wins a small prize.

5. Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital

Halloween should be a fun time for all children. Ask employees to dress up in Halloween costumes and spend the afternoon volunteering at a children’s hospital or pediatric ward. The kids will love the costumes and employees can have fun handing out candy or participating in activities with the kids.

Are you hosting a Halloween office party this year? Share your Halloween-inspired ideas below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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