Understanding your Ink Jet Printer

Printers that had first started to utilise inkjet technology were available on the market from around the late 1980’s. They were at first very expensive to buy, however since then we have seen them significantly drop in price. They have seen new technology’s begin to be integrated into them and although the quality of these printers has gone up, the prices of the initial purchase have continued to fall. The ink jet printer is the most common type of printer on the market today, and it is also the printer in which you will find in millions of homes worldwide. They are seen to be used for general printing tasks, and they are capable of accomplishing a variety of tasks, whilst still being able to maintain an ease of use.

The ink jet printer works as it places small droplets of ink onto the paper you have chosen to use as your printing material. This process will create the image or the text document that you require. This style of printer is commonly inexpensive, reasonably fast, quite when it is in use and also many models such as the HP PhotoSmart D7355 are able to produce a high quality output. The Ink jet printer appears to have grown to new levels over the years, and although many brands have contributed to this over the years it is HP that has taken the role as the industry leader.

IN a worldwide consumer market, HP has continued to release models of printer, which include the most recent in printing technology. The typical inkjet printer will consist of a print head, a paper feed, power supply, interface ports and also control circuitry. The print head is at the very centre of the print, and it is this component that allows the print to actually be able to print. It contains a series of several nozzles that are used to spray the ink from the ink cartridge onto the paper.

Most HP Printers use the new six colour ink cartridge system which will mean that the best results are achieved time and time again. The HP PhotoSmart D7355 printer is one of the latest printers from HP, which uses this system, and for those people who have used the printer; you will have seen the quality in which they can produce. HP PhotoSmart D7355 ink can also be found for cheap prices if you seek to use the compatible types. If you are looking for a cheap all in one ink jet printer then this is one printer that you should take into consideration.