Use Printer Ribbons

Printer ribbons allow you to print on almost any type of ribbon directly from your computer using a ribbon printer. Ribbons used in a printer are a critical element of the printing process. It has utmost importance for maintaining the integrity of the printer and the application.

Ribbon printers have advanced and have evolved in capabilities with new technological breakthroughs. They can be used in a variety of printing purposes. The typewriter and dot matrix printers are the equipments that utilize ribbon cartridges the most.

Types Of Printers That Use Ribbons

The dot matrix printers print images by striking tiny dots coming into contact with a cloth strip soaked in printer ink. Thermal printers used in cash machines, faxes, and similar devices use printer ribbons. The heat in the thermal printers melts the wax-like printer ink which then transfers to paper. Daisy-wheel printers use printer ribbon when the wheel spins and a “hammer” pushes the paper to print the character.

Different Uses

  • Printer ribbons are now used in a variety of products. It can be used for packing machine equipments in beverage, food, chemical, and medical industry. 
  • The date printer equipment uses printer ribbon for printing production dates on plastic and paper bags in food and pharmaceutical industries. The print is clear and waterproof.
  • Printer ribbons can also be used to print banners on cloth, stickers, cardboard, film, and other media. The print is clear and can be operated easily by one person and the result is even with high-quality printing effect.

Modern Printer Ribbons

Now printer ribbons are available in high quality. They are formulated for high yield and optimized for report printing and text printing applications. They are able to provide optimal images for text and bar code printing. They have easy-to-mount ribbon spools and functional shelf life of one year.

The advantages of some high-quality printer ribbons are reduced printer wear and maintenance, and optimal fabric design for the printer mechanism. Some printer ribbons are specifically designed for certain printer models which are used for bar coding and text applications. The latest printer ribbons are 100 percent water-resistant and are made of silk in 14 different text colors.

The Pros and Cons of Ribbon Printers

Three types of printer cartridges laser toner, inkjet, and ribbon are similar in the aspect that they can all be refilled, but the process of refilling differs. The technical differences associated with these three types are the quality of print and cost and speed of printing. Printer ribbons are the slowest of the lot and inkjets are faster. Inkjet printers usually cost less than thermal printers. The color ribbons are available only for a limited use of colors and the dot matrix printers are noisy.

Whether you use printer ribbon, laser, or inkjet, all depends on personal choice, budget, and use. It is entirely a matter of personal preference. Modern ribbon printers have the capability to deliver with options like color, security, quick-dry, and very suitable for bar code and text applications. Each type have their flaws and plus points. Use the one that suits your demand in the best ways.

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