Veteran’s Day Offer from ComboInk

The 11th day of the 11th month is a time to honor the HEroes and SHEroes of our nation. The men and women who experienced the never ending struggle for peace in a time of war. In doing our part to honor the nation’s veterans, ComboInk is offering 8% off your entire purchase when you use the coupon code “PATRIOT11” at checkout.

Veterans Day Savings Offer

Beginning November 1st through the 15th, as you plan the activities in expressing your support for our veterans, try to do something special. Whether or not you know a veteran, show your appreciation and gratitude by putting a smile on the face of a former or current soldier. Before or after you take advantage of this great offer, here are a few ideas on how you can show you appreciation:

  • Write a personal letter- Printed words are concrete, they mean a lot. Almost as much as someone who sacrifice so much in the name of peace and freedom.
  • Volunteer at a VA hospital- There’s no better way to show gratitude than going out and visiting the people who made you feel that way.
  • Donate- make small donation to a VA hospital or a community center that specializes in helping today’s veterans.
  • Help the homeless- It’s sad to say, but a large number of adults who are homeless, or on the verge of being homeless, are veterans.  Donate your time at a homeless shelter that specializes in the helping homeless veterans.
  • Or just say “Thank you!” This is a simple statement that is not used enough. With only two words you can put a smile on someone’s face and show your appreciation.

The ComboInk family is dedicated to showing thankful recognition for today’s and tomorrow’s veterans. For the first eleven days of November, our valued customers have to opportunity to participate in a savings offer meant to make you a part of this commitment. War is a never ending struggle and those who’ve experience it first-hand should be acknowledged admired for their bravery. That is the purpose of Veterans Day and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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