What should you do, if your compatible ink cartridge does not Work?

As we have mentioned in previous articles, to gain the most potential and the best results from your printer, you should be looking to use a compatible ink cartridge. We have explained the reasons in much detail in the past however it is important that people begin to see the many benefits that there are to using compatible ink cartridges, when compared to using OEM or genuine cartridges.

The Price is the main actor for most people, as the genuine types of cartridge on the market today is just too high, if you require a new cartridge on a regular basis. The quality of the ink supplied within the cartridge is of an equal if not better quality, and you should also be able to find a compatible type of cartridge for nearly every printer, of which is on the market available to purchase today.

Despite saying this, manufacturers of these printers do not like to lose money; this is the same in every single line of business. Therefore people have started to encounter some problems whilst attempting to use compatible ink cartridges. Brands such as HP, Epson and also Kodak have started to install special print heads, software and other devices that will mean compatible ink cartridge, can cease to work on your printer. One issue of which we have heard about more recently is that people have said there printer has worked fine, and then all of sudden it has stopped working for them using a compatible cartridge. In this case you will find that the error has been a result of a genuine printer update of the drivers or software that it uses.

However do not lose your faith just yet, as there are certain instructions or guidelines you should follow which will enable your printer to once again be in full working order.

  1. As a precaution take a look at the printer head, the issue may be not as a result of the ink cartridge, but can be just because there is a need for slight maintenance. If you have owned and used your printer for a prolonged amount of time, then there is a chance that the print head has become a little dirty, and will therefore fail to work when it is called upon to do so. 
  2. Follow the instructions of the ink cartridge carefully and to the letter. There will be a certain method as to which you should install your new cartridge. This may be slightly different to the way in which you would install a genuine cartridge. The place in which you bought the cartridge from, will always know the correct way in how to install the item.
  3. Ensure that the type of ink in which is used within the new compatible cartridge is actually compatible with your printer. As mentioned the manufacturer of printer are getting clever and wise these days and will ensure the printer will only work with certain types or grades of ink.

Printers form the PhotoSmart series for example the PhotoSmart D7245, is a printer that will only work under certain conditions. The compatible ink cartridge is the best replacement for a printer such as this, as the printer will not actually recognize the cartridge if you choose to refill it yourself. You can buy PhotoSmart D7245 ink and other HP compatible inks online for a quarter of the price, in which you would pay for the OEM variation.