Why Greeting Cards Are Not a Lost Art

diy greeting cards

The process of sending greeting cards or invites used to involvw visiting a store, picking out cards, then writing salutations and addresses by hand, affixing stamps and then physically posting the whole lot. The arrival of digital greetings and email invites has undeniably simplified the whole process: Create a generic template on your computer or get one off the net for free and click to send! Cheap, quick,  and convenient? Undoubtedly! Charming and memorable? Not so much!

Print or Digital?

The fact is, it still feels lovely to receive an invitation or greeting in the mail. It is still a wonderful tradition to string up colorful greetings over the mantle and we still like to preserve the ones that have a personal message in there for us. There still are reasons why sending greetings and invitations the old fashioned way; albeit customized print greetings, makes for more meaningful communication. Take for example, pop-up cards like this one below.

Digital cards can be fun: some have a little bit of animation and perhaps a little ditty that ‘sings’ out the happy tidings. But there is the originality or any individuality in that? A digital greeting is briefly scanned and quickly forgotten, whereas physical mail stays with you; literally and figuratively.

Quite simply, the greeting/invite that you hold in your hand is that much more authentic and valuable.  When they receive your print invitations or greetings, the receiver knows that you cared enough to send something exclusively to them; that you actually took the trouble of putting pen to paper.

DIY invitations and greeting cards – best of both worlds

Image via Wanderleur

While digital invites and greetings have their limitations, store bought cards have their own drawbacks: they are generic and impersonal as well. Also they can cost you a lot of money. The best option could be homemade, DIY cards: truly exclusive and as personal as you want them to be!
Write your own wording, use lines from a favorite poem or inspirational speech, use pictures of your own family or images that have a special meaning for you or the receiver. Have fun experimenting with fonts, layouts, color schemes, filters and designs. Then take your printout using your trusty home printer and paper/card of your choice (you can even print out the addresses to save yourself some of the hassle). Add some words by hand to really personalize your greeting or invite and post it off same as always!

You can do this for not just for custom greeting cards but also to create invitations to weddings, parties and other events, baby shower invitations and so much more.

You can even print out letters and send them the old fashioned way using beautiful fonts rather than sending an email. When you take the trouble to send a physicalnotevis-à-vis its electronic version, you communicate not only thoughts, ideas and words, but also the fact that you care; the fact that you took the trouble to use an option other than the most convenient one.

Some resources for DIY invites, greetings and more

On this Pinterest page, you will find some very useful DIY Card Ideas: there are designs for Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day), Christmas cards, Halloween cards, cards to say Get Well Soon and more. There are baby shower invites, housewarming party invites and little thank you note ideas as well. Check out these DIY birthday card ideas – loving, funny, unusual and cute. Also take a look at these Unique DIY Invites, or some of these ideas for Wedding Invitations which you can customize and personalize.

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