Why should we use the Compatible ink Cartridge?

One question which is often up for a regular debate is why should we use the compatible ink cartridge and not the genuine types? There are many questions which are left unanswered and to the average computer user, they are normally conned into thinking that the genuine type of ink cartridge is better than the compatible variation. We understand that this is because there is a total lack of knowledge out there available for people to read, and find out just what the compatible sources of ink are capable of achieving.

We see advertisements everywhere we go which show the genuine ink cartridge in use, and if you have ever noticed in all the major stores that you shop in, it is the genuine types of ink cartridge that are placed conveniently on the shelves, directly within our line of sight. The original manufacturer of the printer we own will also recommend them, as they say that they are the best for our printer. IN many circumstances people believe that in order to gain the best results from their printer; they must use the genuine sources of ink.

That statement could not be further from the truth and to be honest with you, it is only because of amount of money the manufacturer will place into advertising, that we believe there ink cartridges to be the best. However if you have used them in the past, you will have found out just how big of a hole they can place in your pocket. The genuine cartridge is very expensive to buy and they will also not appear to last you for a very prolonged period of time. This is a clever trick in which is used from the manufacturer which enables them to gain more money out of you in the long term.

The truth is that the compatible ink cartridge in many cases is actually better than its genuine counterpart. One of the reasons is that they will provide you with more ink in the actual cartridge, not only this but they will also be found at a fraction of the price, form several online retailers. The ink that is used within the cartridges is of a fantastic quality, and despite the common believes that these types of cartridge are made using cheap materials, they are tested on a regular basis to ensure that they meet and match all of the genuine types of cartridge specifications.

If you use your printer for printing images, then the chances are that you own a printer such as the HP PhotoSmart D7160. This printer is a dedicated image printer, and if you are to use it every day to produce images, then you will be using a large amount of ink. HP PhotoSmart D7160 ink can be found in the compatible format, and if you seek to use this option, then you will see the difference in both the results you achieve and also the money you save in your pocket.