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What's 'Build a Combo'?

Our new Build a Combo plan is an easy way for you to save money on all your ink and toner needs. Create your own custom combination of ink and toner cartridges, instead of using preselected combo packages, and see how the price drops for each item in your plan.

How does it work?

Follow these simple steps to build your own ink and toner combo for your home or office. Please note that to build your own combo, you need to be logged in to your account. Don't have one? Create an account today.

From the Build a Combo page

  1. Select Get Started on the Build a Combo page to search for your printer model or cartridge number.
  2. If you've searched by cartridge number, skip to step 3. If you've searched by printer model, choose your printer brand from the selection and then choose the correct model number.
  3. Review the available cartridge options and click Create Combo.
  4. Once you've selected your cartridge, you'll notice options to bundle. Start adding items to your plan, and you'll see how much you save on each item. For instance, your replacement HP black ink cartridge might be regularly $9.99 ($16 off MSRP). But when you add the cyan, magenta, and yellow ink cartridges, all four cartridges will be reduced to $7.99 each. That's a total savings of $8.00.
  5. After you've set up your combo, you can save for future use by clicking Save My Combo or simply click Add to Cart.

From the Product Page

  1. Click Create a Custom Combo from This link below the SKU information on the cartridge page.
  2. Follow steps 4-5 above.

From your Order History

If you have an account with us and have saved your combo before, you can use your order history to reorder or edit your combo.

  1. Log in to your account, and go to Custom Combos history page from your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Add to Cart button to simply reorder the same combo.
  3. Or click on Edit Combo button to edit your saved custom combo pack.

What are the benefits for me?

  • Enables you to create personalized combinations of ink and toner instead of having to rely on preselected combo packages
  • Enables you to save more on each item as you add more items to your combination
  • Enables you to easily retain your combination for future use

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